Cannabis Candle Company was formed by Michael Anthony, owner of the candle site, "Candles by Michael Anthony". Combining his passion for candle making and the Cannabis Community, Michael Anthony has culminated Cannabis Candle Co. Here at “CCC”, we are a company dedicated to producing products that don't just match, but exceed your expectations! All Candles are handmade by Michael himself. The main purpose is to hide the potent smell from small batch marijuana grows and for the candle to be lit when "BURNING" or smoking cannabis. This purposely masks the odor from your neighbors or any nosey nuisance!
Now the Cannabis and CBD community strikes very close to home for Michael. When he was 12, his mother was diagnosed with M.S (Multiple Sclerosis). More recently his little brother and best friend was diagnosed with the disease as well. Now many of you may or may not know, Cannabis and specifically CBD, help people suffering from Multiple Sclerosis in a lot of different ways. Growing up there wasn't much he could do to help his mother, now being in his thirties and with a younger brother also battling the disease, he has been able to do more. Lets be blunt... Michael Anthony gave up his career to follow his passion for candles, CBD and wellness. Thus, creating Cannabis Candle Co. Now Cannabis Candle Co, or CCC as we call it, delivers CBDs in many different forms. Mostly, through homeopathic and aromatherapeutic ways. By creating specific Bath and Body products, Michael was able to deliver CBD to his mother and brother in a way they never thought of. This changed their lives and his forever. Michael is now able to help the two people he loves most, while "working" if you would call it that. For Michael this is a labor of Love. It means the world to him to make products that help others.
Now at CCC we aren't just any candle company. We hand-make an array of items which therapeutically entice your senses. This includes bath and body products. All creations contain CBD, adding to the already amazing handmade, organic and vegan blends. We firmly stand by the fact that every item you find here on our site is handmade in small batches. Our hard work, heart, and soul was put into each and every product created. We started off a candle company, but just like our beloved plant, we evolved into something much more. We have become a therapeutic candle, bath and body company. As the days go by, we hope to evolve more and more. We will try our hardest to be everything you would want from a company such as ours. Products known for their attention to detail and amazing work. Keep on the lookout for fresh and new things from us. We intend to add  items we feel will benefit body, health, and aromatherapy. All Scents and SIGNATURE Fragrances made are also inspired and named after certain strains of Cannabis! This Company is DEEPLY motivated by the Cannabis Community and involved in many ways. We hope one day to grow and smoke freely, as this plant was intended. Until then, and to not get the boot from your landlord, pickup one of "CCC’s" Candles. Let the aroma mask the pungent Cannabis odor, fill the room with a scent that entices and enlightens your senses even more!



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