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WELCOME to CANNABIS CANDLE CO where we have deep roots in the Cannabis Community. Browse our products all of which are handmade by myself- they are all 100% organic, vegan, hemp seed oil, CBD and terpenes cannabis infused. We believe in the culture that is currently thriving not just around our country but around the world. Cannabis creations that not only help the consumer but make them a better version of themselves are the only type of products we craft. From our CBD Candles which give light to true aromatherapy and relaxation, to our Bath and Body Products which are a whole different extensive line in and among itself. The True reason we do what we do here at Cannabis Candle Co. is because we love the way our products leave consumers with a better, healthier, cleaner, more relaxed state of being. We are one with our clients because after all , where would we be without you!

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Our products are 100% Organic and Vegan. They are made with Soy Wax, Hemp Seed Oil, Hemp Wicks; they are CBD infused, and get their unique scents from Terpenes derived from the Cannabis plant. Handmade with love, and SPECIAL Scented. These Candles are created specially for Cannabis users. Now with the addition of CBD and Terpenes this makes our candles and bath/body products have their very own therapeutic value. The aromatherapy you receive is unmatched. We have also created these Special Scents, or “Signature” Fragrances. They not only do their job in hiding the smell, and providing therapeutic relief; but they relate to the Cannabis Community being named after popular strains. Not to mention, they smell better too! Each scent is specifically formulated with the terpenes derived from the plant itself to ELIMINATE odor and fill your space with a new, wonderful, unique fragrance. Which also happens to relax the senses. This provides you with the perfect environment for not only every cannabis lover, but anyone trying to create a space where aromatherapy meets odor relief! Now Enough talk, let the products show you what they can do and why we are growing everyday; just like the beautiful plant that has inspired us to achieve our dreams. Get your own Cannabis Candle TODAY!



Bath and Body


We are not just your average candle company. This is a company whose main goal is to bring you the best CBD infused bath\body products on the market. We offer a variety of quality, handcrafted items. At The Cannabis Candle Co, our unique products are handmade by owner and founder, Michael Anthony. What is it that makes us better than our competitors, you ask? We are a small business with a big heart. Every item is carefully crafted with gentle ingredients that have proven health benefits. We at The Cannabis Candle Co, are a community striving to achieve our dreams of producing quality products without breaking tradition of a small local business. Every one of our customers can testify to the fact that we're not just a company...we're a family dedicated to creating the best combination of aromatherapy and bath products to make your down time as soothing and relaxing as possible. Allow your body some much needed love with these calming CBD infused bath and body products.. Feel the healing.





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